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Fire inspection services in Dothan, AL

Being fire safe is no accident
People who have been involved in fires are always amazed at the speed at which they spread, and being prepared means having a plan that is ready to go in an instant. Our fire inspection services in Dothan, AL will ensure that in the unlikely event of a fire, you get everyone out safely and minimize damage.


A great plan needs great follow through, and as our technicians are part of the process, they are able to carry out installations that make the safety plan a reality. The mark of a good fire protection service is that it is unobtrusive, easy to operate, and won't get in the way of your everyday work flow. We will also train your staff in how to operate the system in emergencies. We will also follow-up with routine fire inspection services to ensure everything is in working order. The safety and security of our neighbors in Dothan, AL is our primary priority.


The most important part of the project is the initial design phase where we seek to understand how you use your building and identify any risks. As part of our fire inspection services, we also create evacuation plans and design systems for emergency lighting at this stage. We carry out this process for new and existing buildings, and have experience updating and replacing older systems that no longer meet safety regulations according to the laws and statutes of Dothan, AL.


The best people to maintain your fire protection system are the people who installed it, and we offer a specialized maintenance and repair service as part of our fire inspection services in Dothan, AL. We will identify faults and make sure that existing systems meet all current health and safety guidelines.
Fire inspection service evacuation plan in Dothan, AL
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